Child Discipline: Why Parents Fail


Why Parents Fail

According to Andrew Murray, parents score high in addressing the physical and material needs of children, but fail  bigtime in addressing their spiritual needs. Failing to train and discipline in the way of the Lord have eternal consequences. They will be like the sons of Eli who were punished by God because he failed to restrain them. ((I Samuel 3:13).

But children taught to fear God will do well even they get older. They also have in their hearts the conviction to raise godly offspring, proliferating godly seeds.

What are the causes of Parental Failure:

Our Christian Faith and our Adolescent Children


The biggest challenge for Christian parents is how to impart our faith to our young adult. A book by Kara Powell and Steven Argue (featured in Christianity Today), revealed that silence is the major hindrance to our children’s faith and not doubt as commonly perceived. In that book, A study of Fuller Youth Institute showed that more than 70% of high school students who go to church are doubting their faith but half of them are silent about it. Another study of National Study for Youth and Religion also found out that while teenage children are silent, their parents are too. But why?  Because there is no line of communication.

Imparting our faith… continue reading..

Dear Ruvs


My Dear Ruvs,

Since the start of the new year, I have been preoccupied with cleaning and de-cluttering. Thanks to TBC sisters’ initiative to hold two garage sale events. Today is another cleaning day.  While sorting things in a drawer, I found this piece I wrote on March 27, 2016. I think it is something worth sharing. So, I stopped for a while and sat in front of my computer. Here it is:

 The Great Makeover

Women have a penchant for good looks. We love clothes, bags, shoes and accessories that will enhance their looks. We put on make-up, color our hair, shape our brows, curl or straighten our hairs, whiten…

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Emma’s Daughter


Jenna, a teenager, was sent to jail for stealing jewelries in a popular jewelry store. Her mother, Emma, was crying bitterly as the jailor closed the iron door. Emma went home with a heavy heart, her heart pierced by her very own daughter. Emma could not help but wonder why did this happen to Jenna, when she was given all the comforts that she could afford and permitted to do all she wanted.

Her mind flashed back when Jenna was just a toddler. She recalled how she often gave-in to her demands. At first she was disobedient in simple things. She threw away her food, grabbed the toys of…

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The Power of Our Words


 Our words are very powerful. It is so powerful that it is called “performative” in the field of communication. Performative, because our words can lead to action.  Thus, when we say,“sweep the floor”,buy pandesal” or “turn off the light”, real work will be done for us.  Even trained animals do what their masters say.

Words are so powerful that it can heal, encourage, build-up or mend a broken heart. But it can also humiliate, discourage, hurt, and destroy a relationship, or one’s good reputation. When we feel sad, encouraging words from a friend can easily make…

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De-Clutter Your Home One Step at a Time.


photo 2

Almost everyone has a problem with clutter. For some, clutter stays for a season until a friend or relative announced a visit, and lo! and behold!, everyone in the house join in clutter expulsion. But for some people, clutter stays and grows and grows until you can’t almost breath. And we don’t want that.

Clutter brings headache. Not only does it accumulate dust allergen, it can also bury useful items. Joshua Becker, shares ways on how we can live in a clutter-free home and enjoy the priceless value of an extra space.

I. Simple Guide to Keep Our Homes Clutter-Free:

1) Tell yourself that you can get rid of clutter. We envy…

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How the Wife Can Spice-up Her Marriage




  1. Stay fit and beautiful. Dress well – not wearing extravagant or expensive clothes but enough to make a good statement for the husband. Consider his preferences in choosing clothes (some like their wives to have short hair or wearing skirt instead of maong pants). And since we are the glue that hold things together in the home, we need to be strong and alert all the time. Exercise is important; and take those vitamins too.
  1. Call your husband “sweet names”: honey, darling, sweetie, …the possibilities are endless. This gives the feeling that you love your husband so much that calling him by his name is not…
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Evangelism At Home




Dear Bing, 

A stay-at-home mom might think that she hardly has time to share the Gospel. It makes her feel guilty that she fails to obey The Great Commission. Her world is within four corners of her house, and her activities are centered on her children, home and husband. Understandably, it is hard to join gospel tracts distribution with two toddlers following behind. Clearly – even if she wants to – her present condition makes it quite difficult to evangelize.

By the grace of God, we can share the gospel and heed God’s command wherever we are – even right at the doorstep of our house.

First of all, your children are your…

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He will lead those who are with young.




Dear Lisa,

Motherhood is a most wonderful experience.  Birth pangs, painful as it is, allows you to participate in a mystery called life.  As  you behold  your  new born,  you are  able to feel one of the purest joys on earth.

But the birth pangs continues as you raise your child.  There are times when the baby cries nonstop or is sick or would not like to sleep. And when its only you and your husband who care for the baby, you feel all alone.

But aside from attending to the demands of a growing baby, your surroundings also present a not-so-good picture. Laundry accumulates and dirty dishes pile up. There is chaos in…

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Imparting the virtue of kindness to the young



Today we will talk about kindness.

Kindness as defined in the dictionary is the quality or state of being gentle and considerate. In the Bible, we can define kindness as seeking the interest of others; it is to make other people happy and make them see that God is good to them.

But man is naturally unkind. We are selfish by nature which is already evident in childhood. Selfishness is often the cause of quarrels among children. That is why it is very critical that the teaching of kindness to children begins early.

Here are four ways on how we can sow the seed of kindness in the hearts of our children

  1. Selfish…
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