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Dear Bing, 

A stay-at-home mom might think that she hardly has time to share the Gospel. It makes her feel guilty that she fails to obey The Great Commission. Her world is within four corners of her house, and her activities are centered on her children, home and husband. Understandably, it is hard to join gospel tracts distribution with two toddlers following behind. Clearly – even if she wants to – her present condition makes it quite difficult to evangelize.

By the grace of God, we can share the gospel and heed God’s command wherever we are – even right at the doorstep of our house.

First of all, your children are your captive audience for spiritual instruction. Being with them everyday, you are in a strategic position to teach about God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. And as you diligently gather your children for family devotion (with your husband leading), you have become God’s instrument in the salvation of your children.

Another prospects for evangelism are the people who come to our house for one reason or another. God providentially brought them to our house so we can impart grace that will draw them to Him. I would like to share my experience to encourage you.  By the grace of God, it has become my goal to always give out tracts to workers for our house or appliance repair. I have given out tracts to plumbers, house painters, carpenters, La Germania service person, LG air conditioner technician, mason, etc. I have shared the gospel and had bible studies with all the 6 helpers I had in the span of 36 years. Three have become members of Christian churches, while my helper of 9 years still come for a visit and I still encourage her to continue reading the gospel tract and Ten Commandments booklet I gave her.

The way we conduct ourselves is also an important gospel presentation. For our children, it validates the lessons they are hearing from us. For people around us, we are like signposts that point to God.

I am not writing this to brag that I have been obeying The Great Commission. Far from it! I did not even come close! We are all unprofitable servants!  I just  want to  encourage you that we can actively evangelize wherever we are.  God supplies the grace to obey. He also gives the opportunities and wisdom to yield to His call to spread the Word.

We can bloom wherever  we are planted – all for the glory of His Name!


In Christ,

Ate Haydee


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