Emma’s Daughter


Jenna, a teenager, was sent to jail for stealing jewelries in a popular jewelry store. Her mother, Emma, was crying bitterly as the jailor closed the iron door. Emma went home with a heavy heart, her heart pierced by her very own daughter. Emma could not help but wonder why did this happen to Jenna, when she was given all the comforts that she could afford and permitted to do all she wanted.

Her mind flashed back when Jenna was just a toddler. She recalled how she often gave-in to her demands. At first she was disobedient in simple things. She threw away her food, grabbed the toys of other children, did silly things which at that time she thought was cute. She never disciplined her, even if she hit her playmates or talked back to older folks. As Jenna grew older, she became more hard-headed and disrespectful. Her motto was “What Jenna wants, Jenna gets.”

She never imagined that Jenna, is now in Jail. What does the future hold for her precious daughter. She can’t help but blame herself for not being firm to discipline and assert her will over her. If I can only bring back the time…

Just then she was awakened by the streak of light on their bedroom window. Wow, such a bad dream. But what a reminder, and what a rebuke from the Lord! She realized that she and her husband Arnold are not that serious in disciplining little Jenna. After her prayer and meditation, she checked on little Jenna who was already wearing her pool outfit, excited to play in their inflatable pool. She was too excited to kiss her little girl, thankful that all was just a bad dream.

“I will go swimming now Mommy.”, almost rushing to the door.

“No Jenna, we will pray first, then you eat your breakfast and put away these toys. It is too early to swim.”

“I don’t want to Mommy, I want to swim right now!” , expecting to outsmart her mother as usual. 

“No! You do them first, otherwise you will not go swimming…ever.” Emma said in a firm voice. 

Jenna, realizing that she can’t win this time, decided to obey all her mother’s orders.

“Can I go swimming now Mommy?” Jenna seems sweeter than before.

“Yes of course Jenna, What an obedient girl you are!.”

“Thank You Mommy”  And Jenna rushed straight to her little pool where  her friends are waiting.

It is hard to be firm. But Emma succeeded on her first try. There will be more “battles of the will” ahead. But Emma, is certain that by the grace of God, she will win. After all she is the mother.


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