Covid-19 and Quarantine


Written by: Carlo Valdeavilla

From more than 200 Coronavirus types discovered, one strain has triggered the Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 pandemic, affecting almost all continents in the world. Until now, authorities and scientists are tracing the primary source of the virus and the type of hosts to which it can be potentially transmitted.

The current situation provides us with a glimpse of what happened when other plagues and pandemics struck the world many years ago: death toll soared; health care… continue reading..

A Fight for Joy


Written by: Ezekiel Asis

James 1:2Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds. 

According to James, sufferings for Christians are inevitable. It seems ironic that our supposed response to trials is to face it with joy yet the verse is written as an imperative! I agree with John Piper that, “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” The glory of God is the joy of true believers. This is Christian joy in a nutshell…. continue reading..

What Then?


Written by: Vera Mae Sta. Rita

It was a peaceful night for us when we celebrated the New Year 2020 outside our home. We kept our gaze up as we waited for some fireworks display at our neighbors’. I remember the vividly colored flames painting the sky as my heart leapt for joy knowing the fact that it is another year – a time for renewed hope in and chances at life.

January seemed to be a new beginning where many tend to have a positive outlook. However, events took a turn when the Taal Volcano, formerly thought of as… continue reading..

Life Reflection by Vera Sta. Rit


“I am giving you this endorsement. Present it to the hospital. You need to undergo dialysis now otherwise, your condition will worsen,” said Dr. Colago as he signed the prescription letter for my husband.  He was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease – Stage 5.

Both speechless, I and my husband went out of the clinic and drove home. The verdict seemed to be an illusion. 

As we reached home, he went upstairs. I was still immersed in my own thoughts when I heard that he was sobbing. I immediately went beside him. We prayed and cried together. Despite the weakness in my knees, I did my best to keep courage and… continue reading..

What Will Happen Tomorrow?

Many believers of God have fallen to the demise of asking what lies ahead
We wonder, “Will God let me have this? Will He finally heed my requests?”
Too many questions that our feeble minds cannot comprehend
More often, what’s left are doubts and distress.

Countless times I have been anxious of something I can’t control
And let the God I trust and praise vanish out of the picture
“When will these wicked thoughts end?” I cried
“Take heart, My child. I have overcome the world,” He replied. 

Anxieties, doubts, and fears are inevitable realities in this dark fallen world
But casting it all to the merciful...                            continue reading..

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