What Will Happen Tomorrow?

Many believers of God have fallen to the demise of asking what lies ahead
We wonder, “Will God let me have this? Will He finally heed my requests?”
Too many questions that our feeble minds cannot comprehend
More often, what’s left are doubts and distress.

Countless times I have been anxious of something I can’t control
And let the God I trust and praise vanish out of the picture
“When will these wicked thoughts end?” I cried
“Take heart, My child. I have overcome the world,” He replied. 

Anxieties, doubts, and fears are inevitable realities in this dark fallen world
But casting it all to the merciful Father and Lord is surely the best resolve
He takes care of the lilies and birds, 
How much more for His children whom by Jesus’ blood have been bought?

Through His grace, we meditate the promises of God that He will always provide 
We praise Him continually even if worries still arise
Seeming mountains of concerns quickly fade away
And great joy has become the heart’s array.

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