The Power of Our Words


I was sweeping our backyard when my father came over, put me on his lap, pat my back, and said, “Si Ideng, maliit pa ay masipag na.” I was four years old then, but those words were like precious gems that probably motivated me to enjoy household work, which extended to my studies and in managing my own home. In my graying years, those words have not lost their luster. 

It reminds me of this concept in communication that looks at words as “performative” because words can lead to action. Thus, when we say, “sweep the floor,” “buy pandesal” or “turn off the light,” real work… continue reading..

In The Shadow of Your Wings


Psalm 57:1 “Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me, for in you my soul takes refuge; in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge until the storms of destruction pass by.”

The “wings” in the verse above signifies an edge of a flowing skirt. It also means an expanded wings like that of an eagle. It depicts total protection from all forms of harm. We can imagine a mother hen, keeping her chicks under her wings. The chicks feel warm and safe inside her. A preying animal has to attack the mother hen first before… continue reading..

What Will I Leave Behind?

As the good seeds fall, new plants will emerge.

A split-second escape from a bomb explosion, or coming out alive from a major car accident will make a person seriously ponder about his life. “What if I die instantly? What will be my legacy?

A legacy is something we leave behind for the next generation. It can be material possessions, contribution to knowledge, or society. But a lasting legacy is our good influence to people, whose lives are better off as a result of knowing us. With regards to legacy, there is a wall of difference between values and things  How we treat… continue reading..

Enjoy God’s Gifts


As we face each day, God’s bountiful blessings are waiting for us to enjoy. The food on the table, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the relationships we enjoy are all God’s daily gifts. Outside, we see the beauty of God’s creation: verdant fields and mountains, lovely flowers, birds singing atop the trees, and the serene blue sky with puffy clouds. Everything that we see, hear and feel are gifts from above because, as sinners from birth, we only deserve God’s just punishments.

All people are recipients of God’s gifts. Yet, for many people, they think that what they possess… continue reading..



Ang tao ay madaling mamangha sa mga bagay na kakaiba o di kapani-paniwala. Halimbawa, madali nating mapansin ang kakaibang lakas ng bagyo, nakasisindak na balita o ang kakaibang damit o hairstyle. Subali’t  ang mga pangkaraniwang nakikita sa pang-araw-araw bagama’t sadyang kahanga-hanga ay hindi napapansin. 

 Kaya nga hindi tayo titigil upang masdan ang mga bulaklak sa daan, gaano man kaganda, o mamangha sa kagandahan ng langit sa pagsikat at paglubog ng araw. Sa atin, yan ay pangkaraniwan na lamang.

 Nangyayari din ito sa ating mga relasyon. Hindi maalala ang isang kamag-anak, maliban na siya ay… continue reading..

To My Elderly Sisters


July 2, 2020

My Dear Elderly Sisters, 

I miss you all po, Nanay Lucy, Nanay Delma, Nanay Lumeng, Nanay Minda. I can imagine all of you seated comfortably at the back row in the worship hall, on your designated white monoblock chairs with arm rest and foam. You always seem to have that special glow of contentment in your faces. 

Your presence brings delight to the church. You may not know it, but just being there reminds us of… continue reading..

Our Choices Define Us

God can lead us to the right choices in life.

When a person smile at us, we smile back. When we bump our head, we say “Ouch” as we rub it with our fingers. A file of laundry, a crying child, a burnt dish for lunch. These are stimuli. Our responses to all sorts of stimuli that confront us every day, may determine the quality of our lives. Do we complain to see a flooded floor, or do choose to respond calmly, by taking it as a challenge on how to clean it fast and easy. 

Many people think that circumstances or other… continue reading..

The Power of Our Choices


Stimulus is anything that creates a response. A file of laundry is stimulus, a flooded floor, a burnt dish for lunch, an exciting game show, a screaming child, a frowning face of a neighbor. How we will respond to a particular stimulus will determine the quality of our lives. Do we complain to see a flooded floor or do we to take it as a challenge how to clean it fast and easy. 

Making choices may not be a problem, but sometimes it not as easy.  A frien invited you to a rare occasion of celebrating her 60th birthday, but hubby also asked you to… continue reading..

Covid-19 and Quarantine


Written by: Carlo Valdeavilla

From more than 200 Coronavirus types discovered, one strain has triggered the Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 pandemic, affecting almost all continents in the world. Until now, authorities and scientists are tracing the primary source of the virus and the type of hosts to which it can be potentially transmitted.

The current situation provides us with a glimpse of what happened when other plagues and pandemics struck the world many years ago: death toll soared; health care… continue reading..

A Fight for Joy


Written by: Ezekiel Asis

James 1:2Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds. 

According to James, sufferings for Christians are inevitable. It seems ironic that our supposed response to trials is to face it with joy yet the verse is written as an imperative! I agree with John Piper that, “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” The glory of God is the joy of true believers. This is Christian joy in a nutshell…. continue reading..

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