Victory Over Boredom




Dearest  Annie,

I admire your conviction to be a fulltime homemaker. But I hope you are also aware of the trials you will encounter along the way. Full time motherhood is an ultimate sacrifice. You relinquished your personal ambition and yielded to God’s all.  Household works are endless and baby Joseph and his siblings need attention 24/7 . (Your husband needs attention too).  Even if you enjoy doing household chores, and caring for your children,  it is inevitable that boredom and weariness will come. You need to get ready for it.

Oftentimes you will have a feeling of emptiness, as if you are not contributing to society. You feel that you have thrown your BS Commerce degree on the trash bin since you can’t find it’s relevance in your present vocation as home-maker.  At times you may envy your next-door neighbor who looks so fashionable in her office uniform. Without a paycheck you feel that you don’t have money of your own and even complain… Where is my identity!

This gloominess of spirit comes from time to time. Some days the feeling is so strong, at other times, you seem to be have tamed it. But there are sets of weapon that will prevent the enemy from snatching the joy of motherhood in your hearts:

  1. Remind yourself that by being a stay-home mom you are yielding to God’s design and a great blessing goes with it. You have the best vocation in the whole world because you are serving the love of your life – your family and God. But this conviction should be nurtured through your daily communication with God through prayers and study of His word. This daily habit is your most important weapon to ward-off discouraging thoughts of being a full-time homemaker.
  2. You must also develop hobbies that will divert your mind from the daily grind. Identify your interest and give time and bit of money to develop it. There are many hobbies to explore which will surely delight you.
  3. Listen to Christian radio station while doing household work. You can also listen to sermons, audio books, and Christian music from your phone or tablet.
  4. Give time for yourself. Going to the parlor, meeting friends, testing a new recipe, or taking a nap, is not being self-centered. An hour of me-time refreshes the spirit and this happy mood spreads to the entire household. But when mom is irritable or depressed, everyone in the family feels it.
  5. With your husband’s permission, explore possibilities to earn money without sacrificing time with family and personal duties.  Always remember though that you are already earning a treasure in heaven by being faithful in your everyday duties.

These are just some of my suggestions  so you will always enjoy and appreciate your “momentary” time with your children.  Soon, they will slip from your hands one by one. When that time comes, your only comfort is that you did your best in taking care of them.

By the way, if you want Basil seedlings, we have a lot. Just text me and I will bring some for you on Sunday.


With love always,

Ate Haydee




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