To My Elderly Sisters


July 2, 2020

My Dear Elderly Sisters, 

I miss you all po, Nanay Lucy, Nanay Delma, Nanay Lumeng, Nanay Minda. I can imagine all of you seated comfortably at the back row in the worship hall, on your designated white monoblock chairs with arm rest and foam. You always seem to have that special glow of contentment in your faces. 

Your presence brings delight to the church. You may not know it, but just being there reminds us of God’s preserving grace. Truly God is true to His promise that He will carry us even in old age. It comforts us, who are also entering the threshold of old age that our faith will hold on until the end. It is God who will preserve His people.   

What a blessing that we were able to hold our Elderly Sisters Sunday before the deadly virus strikes. At least our desire to make you feel appreciated and loved was celebrated this year. We feel sorry that we can’t visit you. I pray that all of you are not getting bored by this lingering quarantine. Please remember that God is in control of this unpleasant event in our lives. He can command the virus to go away in an instant. But He is telling us to wait until He has accomplished His good purpose in letting this happen. 

I pray that the Lord will preserve your health and spiritual life. I like to think of the day when we will all be together. We can probably have a small get-together with all the specialties of the sisters. Gie will bring biko, Rhua her leche flan, Ruvs her muffins, Janette her Korean dish. And of course the party will not be complete without the pansit. But I will take care of that. Until then, let’s be patient and wait. There is a silver lining behind the gray clouds. 

I love you all po,


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