Thoughts while Defrosting a Refrigerator


One fine morning, I finally decided to clean my refrigerator that was screaming from overload. I procrastinated because defrosting is always messy and tedious. Surprisingly, I enjoyed every bit of it.

First, I began emptying the lower compartment while I waited for the ice in the freezer to soften a bit. While removing food items from the refrigerator, I realized that there were many foodstuff inside that  reminded me of people who care for me. The bag of walnut reminded me of the thoughtfulness of my eldest sister who carried a load of it all the way from Oregon, USA  as  pasalubong.  Thoughts of  her joyful  visit flashed in my  mind.  And while I was removing a bunch of  “suman”, I thought of my mother who insisted of bringing them home. There was also a bottle of strawberry jam which my husband bought for me from Baguio. In the corner were two boxes of chocolate from my father-in-law, There were also spices bought by my son during one of his mountain climbing adventures, “danggit” from my husband’s research assistant, and “spicy dilis” from my friend in Indonesia.

Some food items were about to expire, and having given them a renewed purpose later on, was  quite fulfilling. In the door compartments were assorted bottles of sauces that were almost empty. Some sauces I put together and cooked for my own kind of barbecue sauce. I gave a second chance to leftover foods  when I cooked them with some spices and ingredients.  The tired-looking chocolate and nuts evolved into choco chips cookies. But those that are not useful anymore, I threw away with regret.

When the task was over, these thoughts came into my mind:

In our lives, we want to put things in order. But most of the time, we procrastinate because we know it is hard – just like postponing the cleaning of a refrigerator. But when we do what should be done, we can feel the victory of having accomplished something good.

When I came up with my own version of barbecue sauce out of otherwise useless sauces, it is like giving another person a chance to prove his/her worth. It is also like forgiving a person.  When I threw away the expired and useless food items, it is like letting go of emotional baggage we are carrying in our lives. When we let go of something, we are creating a space for something better. For instance, when we give up the company of ungodly people, we also create a new space for a more healthy and meaningful kind of relationship with the people of God.  When we give up unholy activities or habits for the Lord, He supplies grace to do things that has eternal significance which gives fullness of joy.

As I turned on the refrigerator, and heard the humming of the condenser, I felt that my ref  was breathing a new life, as if it  was a new person – transformed, cleansed and revitalized.

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