I always think that thoughtfulness is kindness of a higher order. Kindness is to do good to people; to extend a helping hand; to give a kind word of encouragement; to share one’s burden or joy. But thoughtfulness is a lot more.

Relationship in the church is replete with examples of thoughtfulness. A sister who went home to her province would bring small packs of goodies to distribute to church mates upon her return. Another sister would share half of her favorite snacks to me because she knows I like it too. A young mother would text in the middle of the week to inquire how am I doing, knowing that I am prone to spells of dizziness. Some members would bring harvest from home and share it with church members. Indeed, examples of acts of thoughtfulness of God’s people is endless. And it is always heartwarming to be recipient of acts of thoughtfulness.

But why thoughtfulness is kindness of a higher order? We said that kindness is a divine virtue which is to do good to others. But thoughtfulness is kindness imbued with tender affection specially directed to a person. When a sister shared her favorite snacks with me, I know she was specially thinking of me. When a sister brought “pasalubong” from her hometown, she was mindful of her brethren in the church.

Yesterday, when the church members lingered after our vesper service, I was specially delighted when a sister handed to me a beautiful framed cross stitch of a small boy and girl sipping juice on an apple. She said: “I know you love crafts and I am thinking that you may like this too.” I know it was hard work, but she gladly gave it to me. It was a show of love and kindness combined. There was no special occasion which makes it more special.

Thoughtfulness is like an ice cream in a relationship; it is a whiff of perfume, a gentle morning breeze. It is a beautiful reminder of our blessed lot as members of the family of God.

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