The Preciousness of Time


All of us are mandated to work. It is God’s design that we bear much fruits and at the same time find joy and fulfillment in our respective calling. We want to excel in our calling, and the way to excellence is by the wise use of our time. All of us are given 24 hours and what differentiates successful and average people is the way they manage their time. For indeed “a person maybe multi-talented, possesses enormous intelligence and remarkable gift, but can waste them all because of the inability to manage his/her time.”

But before we can see the necessity of time management, we need to convinced of the importance of time. Time is our most precious possession, yet few people realize it. The following are some important reasons why time is so precious:

  1. Time is short. – we are witnesses as to the shortness of time. School vacation passes by like a whirlwind. People age, no matter how much time and money are spend to slow down the aging process. “Our life is like a vapor that appears for a little while and vanishes away.” So much to do so little time. How we need to manage our time well.
  1. Time is money Literally time is money. A person might choose to spend his 8:00 to 5:00 at home, and watch TV , sleep and eat, and watch TV again. At the end of the day, his pocket remains empty. Another person goes out for a day’s work and at the end of the day, he has 500 pesos in his pocket. He converted time to money. The reason why people are not conscious of time is that they don’t see wasted time as money flushed down the drain. Expressions like “killing time”, “nagpapalipas ng oras” , “walang magawa”, etc. are so common. We easily let time slip away. If a person would flush down the drain a thousand peso bill, we would think he is insane, yet so many of us are wasting time as if time has no value at all.
  1. What makes time so precious is that we don’t know how much time is left for us. Yet so many people are unaware that time may be running out for them. Oftentimes we think that time is eternal, that we have a lot of time. We hear of young children, teenagers and promising young professionals dying unexpectedly. We recently went to the vigil of a 36 years old medical doctor, who graduated magna cum laude in UPLB and cum laude in medicine in UP-PGH. He has a very promising career as a consultant of WHO. But he died at 36 due to aneurism, just when they were to celebrate his son’s 5th birthday. It is a sobering thought that every day we live brings us a day closer to our grave.
  1. Time when it is gone can’t be recovered anymore. Can we still bring back time? That is why it is always good to spend time, creating happy memories with friends and family most specially. Sometimes we let opportunities for fellowship and visits to the sick and elderly sisters pass away. But those opportunities will not be here anymore. We just have to make each minute count for good because when it is gone…it is gone forever.Time is more precious than money because you can’t gain it back. A person may lose all his properties to a fire or flood or to robbers, yet he can still recover what he lost given enough time and industry, yet time lost is gone forever.
  1. Our eternity depends on how we make use of our time. A happy and miserable eternity depends on how we spend our time here on earth. By doing things that please the Lord, we are seizing opportunity to obtain everlasting blessedness. All of us will give an account on how we make use of our time. Since time is precious we need to teach ourselves how to manage our time.

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