When We Understand the Love of God


Ephesians 2:4: “But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us,”

God’s love for His people is unfathomable. It is not a general kind of love, but each of His children is given that same, special, and abounding love. Our lack of understanding of God’s love makes us oblivious to the staggering and unimaginable blessings we could have received. Had we know the fulness of this love of God, we would be the happiest, most contented, most productive, most fruitful Christian in this benighted world. 

When we understand this Great love of God, we will experience the following:

1.         Assured of God’s love, we will not be afraid. We know that God will not forsake us and will deliver us in all the travails of life. 

2.         Assured of God’s love, we will be more thankful. Our hearts will overflow with gratefulness that spills over through our lips. We will forever be thanking God, acknowledging His goodness to us. 

3.         Assured of God’s love, contentment will be our permanent disposition. What do we ever need if we have already received this great love of God? 

4.         Assured of God’s love, we will be bold to attempt great things for God. He who loves us will also provide all things we need to serve Him. 

5.         Assured of God’s love, we will strive to please God in all things we do. Pleasing God in extending this love to others, and serving people, in seeking the interest of others. 

6.         Assured of God’s love, we will always rejoice, for what a Great Love we have received! Manifested in the singing of praises, and wearing a happy disposition, a cheerful countenance. 

7.         Assured of God’s love, we will be patient and forgiving, knowing that we have been unworthy to receive this great love.

8.         Assured of God’s love, we will seize the time to tell the Gospel to people so that they, too, will experience this Great Love of God.

9.         Assured of God’s love, we will strive to know more of our God who loved us much through our daily meditation, reading, and listening to sermons, lectures, and our own Bible study. 

10.       Assured of God’s love, we will be more prayerful, for this is the best way of showing our love to the God who loved us. 

11.       Assured of God’s great love, we will have a deeper understanding of Christ’s death on the cross. This understanding will bring out love to God and all the other virtues that God wants us to have.

12.       Assured of God’s love, we will give ourselves to Him who loved us with Great Love. We will live the remaining years of our lives to Him.                                                                                            

Praise ye the Lord for His Great Love.


Thank You Lord for this Great Love, with which You have loved us. Help us to give ourselves to You in love and service. In Jesus Name… Amen

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