The Frailties of the Human Body


Along life’s journey, the Lord is showing to us how frail and vulnerable we are to pain and sicknesses. This body of ours is but dust and ashes, a broken reed, a flickering light that can be put off any time.

For three months, I have been experiencing patches of itchy hives in many parts of my body for unknown reason.  Doctors we have consulted can’t figure out the cause of this allergy which in medical parlance  is  called chronic Urticaria. I subjected myself to an allergy test and now avoid  food and things that I might be allergic to,  but my unwelcome visitors persistently show up. When I am on medication, they would subside, but once the medication is over, they would appear again like small  islands on a map.   Knowing the side effects of steroid, I would rather endure the itch. But then it is not always easy.

Likewise, many Christians are suffering from all sorts of sicknesses. It might be as  grievous as the dreaded Cancer or other debilitating illnesses, or less serious diseases like flu or eye strain, yet nonetheless these are discomforting and may disturb our peace and joy in the Lord.

It is good to remind ourselves that the Lord has control of things, even the minutest cells  in our body. He is not allowing us to experience pain and discomfort for no good reason. As our omnipotent and omniscient Father, we can only trust that He knows what we are going through and He wants to accomplish a good purpose in our lives for the shaping of our character and our spirituality. He is teaching us to trust His loving care and to make us see Him as our ultimate source of comfort and joy.

I realize how vain it is to spend a fortune just to enhance and beautify the body; to gain that smooth or  silky white skin, or  to contour one’s body  to look  younger. The frailty of this earthly temple only shows  that good looks and strength  will not last for long. Our bodies are vulnerable to all sorts of sicknesses. An allergic attack like mine can put all investment on our looks down the drain. Life is precarious. We are like walking on a tight rope. Our bodies are frail and vulnerable. It is dangerous to put our trust in ourselves. But as children of God,  we should feel safe and secure, even if  our bodies are afflicted.   Our relationship to God is primary. All other things are merely  secondary.

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