The Fear of the Lord


Amidst the raging storm of life, it is always the fear of the Lord that brings deliverance to the soul. It topples down all worldly cares, anxieties and insecurities. Nothing is comparable with the fear of the Lord. It is wisdom, it is riches, it is beauty, it is deliverance, it is joy, it is peace. It is one big umbrella of hope that protects the soul from all enemies, imagined or real.

It is the fear of the Lord that should be our security. When we fear the Lord, we have everything. Favors that bless our way, whether in family, career, relationship, business or health, are good in themselves – but deceitful. Deceitful because most people think that these are the things that matter. Most people who made it “big” in their respective endeavors have stopped in the race, thinking that they have reached the finish line. They don’t see no farther and rejoice prematurely. How lamentable to realize when it is too late, that they ran short. They could have gone farther on but tarried, waylaid by their ignorance of what is important in life.

In the Book of Proverbs, wisdom is inviting people to come. Wisdom, which is the fear of the Lord, is not something unreachable. It is not for the intellectuals or the so-called fanatics. Rather it is for everyone. Wisdom is materialized in paper and ink in the Bible. God allows it to be freely offered to anyone who wants to get hold of it. When we read the Bible, we hear the voice of God and we can learn how we should fear Him.

In the midst of enumerable problems we face, there rings a great hope. Our spirits should not be discouraged by the political turmoil we hear every day. There is still hope in the nagging poverty we see around us. Every problem we face has a solution. God is the Great Creator who controls the world whether we admit it or not. He promised that those who would seek Him shall find Him. It is only when we fear the Lord that we can find peace with God and the real meaning of life.

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