Ten Spices for Marriage (For the Husband)


As a wife, I am not in a position to give tips to the husband. But the following describe how my husband of 33 years deals with me. It is the grace of God in Him, and I praise the Lord for a happy and fulfilling relationship we share.

  1. Treat your wife like a queen! Consider her as your most precious treasure. Remember she is a gift from the Lord designed perfectly for you.
  2. Love your wife with all your heart and might. Do not think that you be loved first. In the end all will return to you because she will respond with the same kind of love you are giving to her. (I feel specially loved when my husband – in spite of his work load – takes a leave to accompany me to the doctor.)
  3. Always think of promoting her welfare. Encourage her in her hobbies, and the cultivation of her talents.
  4. Respect your wife. Deal with her gently in your words and action especially when you are correcting her. Don’t make fun of her or tell bad things about her to your friends and relatives.
  5. Understand her weaknesses. Women are emotional and need encouragement and support. Learn to cheer her up when she is feeling blue.
  6. Be caring and gentle. Help her in doing household work, especially when you have a baby. Try to make things easier for her by leaving your work and worries in the office or your workplace.
  7. Surprise her occasionally. Give gifts not only during special occasion. Know what she wants and buy it for her one at a time.
  8. Don’t criticize her relatives. Love them as your own.
  9. Send a text message or call her when you are on a trip, or when you will come home late so she will not worry about you.
  10. Promote her spirituality, because a godly woman is certainly faithful and loving. When Christ is the center of the family, there will be peace, happiness and lots of love.

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