Ten Spices for Marriage (For the Wife)


  1. Stay fit and beautiful. Dress well, which does not mean extravagant or expensive clothes but enough to make a good statement for the husband. Consider our husband’s preferences in choosing clothes and our looks (some like their wives to have short hair and wear skirt and dresses rather than denim pants). And since we are the glue that holds things together in the family, we need to be strong and vibrant all the time. Exercise is important, and take those vitamins too.
  2. Call your husband “sweet names”: honey, darling, sweetie…the possibilities are endless. This gives the feeling that you enjoy your husband so much that calling him by his name is not enough. (Though you may do that when no one is around, others find it corny.)
  3. Greet him by the door every time he comes home. Offer his slippers, newspaper or give him a drink of cold water or freshly made fruit juice. A massage while he is watching his favorite sports show is a very nice treat. In going to work, walk him to the door and give him a hug or a kiss.
  4. Inquire about his day in the office. This makes the husband feel that you are interested on what is happening to him. But don’t be so eager to tell of the troubles that plagued you during the day. Give him time to relax and settle down before telling him that: “the computer broke down”.
  5. Know what he likes: color, food, type of clothes, etc. Buy him something that he likes once in awhile. Cook his favorite dishes. Buy his favorite snacks. If he is conscious of time, don’t let him wait.
  6. Be lavish in your praises and show of our affection to your husband. Always make him feel that you are proud of him and his achievements. Give him warm embrace and gestures of love quite often.
  7. Be your husband’s best critic. If you commend him most of the time, he will not feel slighted if you correct him sometimes. Of course, you have to do in your own sweet, gentle way. Be a good listener and through prayer, ask the Lord that you can give good advice to your husband.
  8. Promote your husband’s well-being. Don’t tell of his weaknesses to anybody. You are your husband’s PR manager and it is your goal to project a good image of him. Don’t tell of the weaknesses of your in-laws either.
  9. Be contented. Be happy with the things that you have and the situation you are in. If you keep on complaining, this adds pressure to the husband which will make him feel that he is not a good provider. He will strive to earn more, but your lack of contentment is certainly not a good motivation for him.
  10. End the day together with God. Mediation on the Word of God and prayer is a fitting end for each day. Since both of you have a date God every night, this will make you settle any differences that arose within the day.

As we strive to become a loving and faithful wife, we are actually doing good to ourselves. Soon we will reap a hundred fold of what we have sown. We will literally be the “Queen”, the “treasure” the “apple of the eyes” or our beloved husband. It is God’s grand design for marriage. How beautiful it is.

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