TBC Women’s Baby Shower for Rhua


Dear Aileen,

We were so blessed that you and Zoe joined the first TBC women’s out-of-town baby shower for sister Rhua. We knew it was difficult for a mother to arrange a “leave of absence”, but Dennis willingly took charge because he wanted you to enjoy a special time with the sisters. But joining the trip was even more challenging to you with Baby Zoe on board. It was her first long trip. But God’s special grace was with us. I have not heard Baby Zoe cried or felt discomforted.

God provided a pleasant trip to Lucena city. It was almost 10:00 am when we arrived in the cute apartment of Rodel and Rhua. During the shower program, wise counsels of sisters emerged out of the baby things sisters Nel and Nina bought for Rhua. It was God’s work that an impromptu program could be a source of great comfort and encouragement not only for Rhua but for hubby Rodel as well.

We all admire how Rodel takes care of Rhua. According to him, he has taken two new courses:Master of Laundry and LLLB (Laba, Luto and Linis Bahay). Certainly, being a good father will not be difficult for him.

We all enjoyed a simple feast of Pansit, brownies, quesadillas, four seasons juice and sandwiches. After an hour of heartwarming fellowship – and we were all set to go – Rodel announced that lunch was ready. Not wanting to disappoint him, we eagerly sampled his signature mongo guisado and crispy galonggong. Verdict: Rodel has leveled up indeed.

On the way back we took the Lucban-Majayjay road and had a side trip to Nagcarlan where we bought some cheap slippers, vinegar and espasol for pasalubong. Then we detoured to the house of sister Mel where we had another round of merienda. Their house sits amidst refreshing greeneries. The air was so cool and refreshing.

The sun was almost setting when we dropped you off near your house. Soon we went our separate ways but all of us brought home fond memories of God’s many blessings.

The blessedness of the trip ended with a heartwarming text from you: “Dear ate hayds, I thank the Lord for this day. I felt His love thru the sisters, Hindi lang po si Rhua ang na bless. Ako rin po blessed na blessed sa araw na ito;) good night po.

God is so good. The little thing we give to Him, He gives back in great measure.

Thank you Aileen  (Gie, Nel, Nina, Carol, Mel)  for joining the trip. All of you made sacrifices but we all had fun. God is good as always.

Ate Hayds

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