TBC Welcomes Joash Nigel


TBC brethren celebrate with Brother Raymar and Janet,in the birth of their baby, Joash Nigel. He was born on January 8 , and weighed 6.2 lbs. Janet gave birth in Lying-in Clinic in Sto Cristo San Pablo City.
Janet and Baby Nigel joined the church in worship service last Sunday. Indeed, Janet has quickly recovered from a relatively smooth delivery. God answered the church prayer for a safe delivery of a healthy baby.

Janet was given a baby shower by TBC ladies on the last Sunday of December. The sisters encouraged her through Bible verses showing God’s faithfulness. Some sisters gave symbolic gifts, while Lena and Lyn offered her a song entitled “ Sa Ugoy ng Duyan.” It was a short but sweet celebration of the sisters’ love and support for each other.

Welcome baby Joash to your TBC Family. May you grow healthy and wise in the ways of the Lord!

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