Starting Right Where We Are


As sinners from birth, there is always the poison of envy in each of us. Some have more dose of Poison Envy such that their lives are ruled by this debilitating sin. An envious person tends to look at the blessings of others, be it their personal appearance, academic achievement, status in life or small successes like topping the exam or getting the best deal in a garage sale.

When a person looks at others, he becomes blinded with his own gifts and talents. He is stalled and can’t move forward to achieve progress. Thus envy is one ally of mediocrity. This we have to avoid and instead look at what we have and make the best of it. The saying, “the pasture is greener on the other side of the fence” must not apply to us.

The first step to overcome mediocrity – and start our way to excellence – is to start with what we have, not with what we don’t have. It is good to admire the intelligence and skills of others. But they should actually inspire us, not discourage us just to think that we are not like them. Each of us has varying degree of gifts. Joan can be intelligent, but she probably lacks organization and aesthetic sense. Ronnie may be good in Math, but not smart enough to fix a leaking faucet, or change a flat tire. The problem with most people according to Ed Howe, as quoted by Mason, is that, “People are always neglecting something they can do and trying to do something they can’t do”
This is an encouragement for us to examine our gifts. We might even have untapped talents. Let us appreciate the gifts of others, but let us also hone the gifts that we have.

Start from our gifts, make the best of it and success will follow. Teddy Roosevelt said “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. The truth is that you can’t know what you can do until we try. The most important thing about reaching our dreams is starting right where we are.

John L. Mason.(2003). An Enemy Called Average. Light House Books. Philippines

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