Some Lessons from Cleaning a Refrigerator


Beside the Still Waters
Haydee D. Lasco
(I wrote this article years ago, but I still got to learn the lesson it has taught me.)

I procrastinated on painting this pot, but when I finally did it, I enjoy seeing it everyday. I call this my quarantine pot.

One beautiful morning, I finally decided to clean my refrigerator that was screaming from overload. I procrastinated because there were other things more pleasant to do.
While removing food items in the ref and freezer, I realized there were many foodstuffs inside that reminded me of people who care for me. A pack of walnut from my eldest sister, who lives in Oregon, brought my mind back to our enjoyable reunion, the last time she went home. A bunch of “suman” was from my mother, who insisted that I bring them home. The strawberry jam was my husband’s pasalubong from Baguio. In the corner were two boxes of chocolate from my mother-in-law (She is with the Lord now.). There were also spices bought by my son for me during one of his mountain-climbing adventures. There was also “danggit” from my husband’s research assistant, and “spicy dilis” from my friend in Indonesia. I didn’t realize that cleaning a ref could lead me down memory lane.

In the door compartment were assorted bottles of sauces that were almost empty. I put them together for my version of barbecue sauce. Leftover foods became a sold-out dish for dinner when I cooked them with some spices and seasoning. Open boxes of chocolate and nuts evolved into Choco chips cookies. The expired items I threw away with regret.
When the task was over, these thoughts came into my mind:
In our lives, we want to put things in order. But most of the time, we procrastinate because our feelings dictate us. Yet when we finally do it, we feel the joy of victory – the joy of accomplishing something good. When we postpone things that are important, we can apply Nike’s “Just Do It”.

When I came up with my version of barbecue sauce (out of otherwise useless sauces) and a new recipe from leftovers, it is like giving another person a chance to prove his/her worth. When I threw away the expired food items, it is like letting go of emotional baggage we have been carrying for so long.

As I turned on the refrigerator, and heard the humming of the condenser, I felt that my refrigerator was breathing a new life, as if it were a new person – transformed, cleansed and revitalized. That is also the feeling when we finally do what we ought to do.

Prayer: Lord help us to value time and not to procrastinate on things we need to do. Each day will not return again. Help us to seize opportunities to do good. For Your honor and glory. Amen

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