She does him good all the days of his life.


Dear  Abie, 

You were telling me that your husband is now complaining that you are not caring for him as much as before. I can understand that with little Edward, already walking,  and Alyssa now going to nursery school, domestic duties have become a little harder.  I am sure you already did some division of labor between you and your husband to lighten your load.

Yes,  we need to be good parents.  Yet it remains that our husbands must not be left out in the caring scale. God primarily gave Eve to Adam as his helper. Your husband is working full-time in the office just like you. The house must be a refuge for him, and a place to relax and enjoy.

According to Sara Leone in her book “Her husband’s Crown”, one of the basic responsibilities of the wife is to provide a quiet, peaceful home for her husband.  Though it sounds difficult with two toddlers at home,  but as the manager of the home, you can make it happen. Our goal is to make our home orderly and clean. The children, as they grow older can be trained to help.

When your husband comes home, offer him his slippers and some drinks or merienda. Ask him how his day was. Don’t immediately explode on how unruly the children were, or that he needs to fix the faucet,  buy gas, and  spank  little Edward for misbehaving.  Being with your children most of the time, you should take on the responsibility of disciplining your children and not wait for your husband to do it.



Open the door for your husband with a nice smile,  dressed neatly and smelling good too.  Make him feel that you miss him.

Relieve your husband of  anything that you can do yourself. Remember your goal is like that of  the Proverbs 31 woman ” She does her good, and not harm all the days of his life.” Proverbs 31:12

By the way,  I hope you can find time to attend our  monthly sisterhood in our house. Leny, volunteers to take care of  Edward and Alyssa.


Tita Haydee

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