Questions To Ask For the New Year (Part 1)


The reality that time flies becomes more obvious as the year ends and another year unfolds. Time waits for no one. Year 2012 is now a thing of the past. But what did we learn last year?  Did we improve as a person?  Have we gained new friends? Have we accomplished  our desires and intentions?   As years go by we long  that things would be better for us. But for that to happen, we need to ask questions and seek to find the answers ourselves. Anthony Robbins said “Quality questions create a quality of life. Successful people ask better questions and as a result, they get better answers” .

For the year 2013, we can ask 8 questions for successful living, which when answered and acted upon will make us all a better person. This series of articles is adapted from John Maxwell’s bestselling book, “Leadership Gold” .

Question No. 1. Am I investing in Myself?

To be more fruitful in our lives, we need to invest in our selves. We need to grow and seek learning opportunities that can benefit ourselves and others. Investing time and money to learn something  new is  fulfilling and profitable. For instance, trying a new recipe will bring delight at the dinner table. For years I was afraid to use a pressure cooker, but I got over my fear and the pressure cooker has since become my ally in the kitchen.

One of our deacons  had enrolled in the University of the Philippines  Open University  years ago and this paved the way for his acceptance in a masters degree in  UP-Los Banos.  Last year, I took a course in Landscaping in the same university. You can imagine a 52 years old doing projects with 18 –year old students. But today, I am able to apply some of the principles in my garden.

Age  should not limit learning and the desire to try something new. At the age of 70, my mother-in-law  started a tamarind candy  business. Now at  83, her food business has diversified into other products  which are now being sold at the country’s leading mall- ShoeMart  (San Pablo branch).  Learning is always a good investment. It will make us more happy and fulfilled at any age.

For a better “you”, we also need to ask whether we are investing in our health? Do we set aside time to exercise, read good Christian books, cook a healthy meal?  Do we also spend  some special time  with our husband, children and friends?  There are  lot of things we can do to improve ourselves.  It is just a matter of allocating our time for it.  But we must not forget that our top priority is our time with the Lord. Begin the day with God in prayer and meditation of His word,  and everything will fall into its right place.

May the Lord grant the grace that we become better persons in 2013.

A Blessed New Year to All!

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