Pause and Pray


But the word about Him spread even more. And great crowds were coming to hear, and to be healed from their infirmities by Him.  But He was drawing back in the wilderness, and praying.”   Luke 5:15-16

 In the midst of heavy work, in  time of deep engagements, there must be a time to draw back and pray.  Prayer is an integral part of our work, whatever it is. We need to be sustained by prayer.  In the midst of the heaviness of a schedule, we need to pause and pray.

Christ deliberately left the pressing crowd, the adulation of people, the cry for help, the seeming immediacy of the moment and went to the wilderness – away from the crowd and prayed.

We can’t’ imagine ourselves backing off, stopping for a while to pray amidst the compelling demands  of the now. We want to work our way out of a tight and grueling schedule. When we are sorely pressed to beat a deadline we can’t even think of sparing a moment to seek God’s face in prayer.   Oftentimes we think that praying will delay  our  work. But Jesus showed us the right attitude when we are amidst the pressures of the moment.

Just like Jesus, we too must recede back  to find solitude and aloneness with God, to thank Him, to ask for more grace or to praise Him for His great work in our lives.  That momentary pause will open  up a  flowing supply of wisdom, strength, joy and peace so we can navigate the chaotic present and find assurance that God is holding us by His hand.

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