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Do you want to have a glimpse of what you will become in the future? Then look at how you spend your days and more or less you’ll get a good picture.

Our day to day pre-occupation is paving the way for the general direction of our lives.  A student who daily spends time in serious study will be rewarded with commendable grades and a good job later on. But he who spends time with barkadas, making gimmicks here and there is limiting his opportunities for self-advancement.  An artist who hones his craft daily is slowly making a name for himself. A mother who daily greets family members with a hug and a kiss is more likely to have a closer relationship with them when she gets older.

I always see this  university professor  as she regularly makes her daily rounds in the park. At her age she can still walk briskly and looks fit.  My neighbour is another regular Johnny walker in the park. Rainy weather does not deter him from covering his walking distance. His big umbrella ensures that he will finish his routine.  A dear friend of mine  goes to office  at 7:30 so he can leave at 4:30  to play  his favorite sports – soccer.  These people I mentioned  take care of their health  and  indeed they look fit and healthy.

For us who want to be fit, we can start jogging, walking or doing aerobic exercises.  But what is important is our commitment to do it regularly.  How we care for our bodies everyday matters a lot in the long run.

The secret of our success be it in our career, our health or family is determined by our daily agenda. As we wake up every morning, we can think of our goals and do something  that will contribute to the realization of those goals.

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