TBC Women Join the 2nd Women’s Conference in Cubao


As the country was celebrating Independence Day (June 12), the women in the reformed churches gathered for fellowship and learning during the 2nd Women’s Conference in Cubao. It was sponsored by The Neighborhood Church (TNC) of Caloocan, with the topic: “Women of Virtue” as exemplified by Jochebed, Abigail, the widow who gave a mite, Esther and Dorcas. Each of the five speakers from different churches was assigned a woman of virtue to discuss. Sister Haydee of TBC, was tasked to talk about the generosity and compassionate heart of Dorcas.

Eighteen  (18) TBC sisters joined the conference. The deacons hired a van, and the trip provided another kind joyful fellowship for them. It was whole lot of fun and spiritual nourishment for all –  a great treat  indeed   for TBC women and singles.

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