A Bible Study Center in Red V, Magdalena


Inay Rosing Lasco has inherited her  ancestral home  in Red V,  Baranggay Bungkol, Magdalena, Laguna. When it was given to her, the house was in sorry state. But  she loves the house so much that she spent time and money – not to mention muscle pains and fatique –  to have it repaired and painted. She and her husband, Tatay Delio, who is also a church member, travel there once a week to oversee the work.  Now that all repairs are done, the couple’s desire is for the house  to be a Bible Study Center. And their wish was granted. Brother Raymar started a Bible Study there last Saturday (June 21). Though mostly  children are attending,  the place is very promising for a rich harvest. Thank you Inay Rosing and Tatay Delio because you know where to put your earthy treasures. God bless your hearts!

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