The word move-on is a beautiful, uplifting word. It gives strength and hope to rise from unpleasant events in our lives.  In sadness, pain and anger, the word move-on puts us into a fighting stance, as we refuse to be a victim of life’s circumstances.

The power of the word move-on is applicable in any life’s situation:  you failed the exam, you missed an important meeting, you lost a sister from cancer. When we say “move-on” to ourselves, we begin to see things objectively. Instead of fretting, we say, “What’s the next step.”.

When my only daughter got married and chose to live in the US, my husband comforted me by saying, “just move-on”. Since then, the power of move-on has shielded me from many moments of sadness. When my husband and I visit our daughter and her husband, the sadness of leaving our granddaughter is again tempered by the word. I just think of this revitalizing word as my other children leave our home one by one to pursue a life of their own.

As we face each day, we encounter unexpected turns that can unsettle us. But as Christians, We can always move-on because God provides the grace to do so.  His faithfulness is new every morning (Lam 3:23). That is why we can confidently say “move-on”.




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