Like a Prisoner in Her Own House


Passing by a charming house in my walking routine, I was startled by a loud banging sound.  It was too early for a construction work, so I thought. I got curious as to what caused the unfamiliar sound. Behind the wrought iron gate of that charming house was a woman looking at me. And she has a forlorn face.

I stopped to greet her. She motioned to me to come in. I was wondering why she could not open the gate. Then came the helper who explained to me that she is not allowed to open the gate. “She has Alzheimer’s Ate.” So, that explains it.  She wanted to get out but was not permitted. So in in her frustration, she banged the gate repeatedly. Who would not pity her. I remember my dear aunt who also had Alzheimer. She died many years ago. She is a Christian whose cheery and kind disposition were kept intact until she died. One time when I visited her in the hospital, an oxygen tubing was attached to her nose and dextrose on her right hand. In her usual kind gesture, she removed the tubing from her nose and gave it to me. “See! I still have one in my hand.”

I talked to woman and she seemed interested to chat. If only I can get in and talked to her as I used to with my dear aunt. But I too was not permitted to get in,

As I continued my morning walk, I felt sad and pity the woman. Sad that I am free but she is not. Sad that she is sick but by the grace of God I am enjoying the beautiful outdoor. I can only thank the Lord for His grace of good health. How I need to make the best of my time and my strength in living for the Lord…while there is time.  For no one knows what will happen along the way.

May the Lord give me an opportunity to see that woman again, and that i be allowed to get in so i can give her a hug.

July 10, 2019

7:20 am.

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