Life is a Painting

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God  appointed the birth and death of every living creature.  But between birth and death is the work of God in us, accomplishing His purpose in our lives. If we are with God, our lives will slowly blossom  into  full fruition for His glory.  If not, we are like sheep led to the slaughterhouse.

Between life and death, we can actively seek for solid happiness. In the Lord we can find it, outside of God, we search in vain.

That productive gap between life and death is ours to fill. It is like a canvas which we can paint with the brightest colours of life and create a rich texture of life’s experiences. We are all painters in the school of life. Every morning when we wake up, we are handed an easel, a set of brush and tubes of color of varying shades. There is no limit on the materials we need.

We can choose the brightest yellow to greet us a happy morning or opt for that melancholy gray to paint our day.  We can put dots of laughter, or specks of hurting words.  Lines of humor, or streaks of complaints can add character to our painting as well.   At the end of the day, we create a work of art which we can frame with love and joy, or with hatred and sadness.  Our painting could be a picture of cheer and delight, or a scene of gloom and sadness. It all depends on the choice of color we made. Everyday may bring reasons for complaints or thanksgiving. The disposition of our hearts direct us to the color we will use to paint our day.

While  God is  the Master Painter, yet in His great mercy, He allows us to participate in the painting of His masterpiece called life.  God works in our lives through His providence. We are what we are by the grace of God. We don’t even have a part in our salvation. Yet we must not forget the reality that God also makes us accountable.  We will give account to God as to  how we use our time, our talents, our gifts and all the good opportunities He has set before  us.

In this painting called life, there is a promise that in choosing the right color and shades, and by using the right strokes, a masterpiece will slowly unfold that will bring God the most glory.  Choose wrongly and we paint a gloomy road to perdition.


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