Increasing Your Word Power: Nope, it is not your vocabulary.


It is amazing what words can do.We know that our words are powerful. It is called “performative” in communication because what we say can lead someone to act. So when we say, “sweep the floor,” “buy pandesal” or “turn off the light,”; a person is moved to action. Even trained animals respond to the commands of their masters.  

Words can also be a soothing balm. It can heal, encourage, or mend a broken heart. Encouraging words give hope when we are down and blue. But words can also be like bitter poison. Words that humiliate or discourage can destroy a relationship or one’s good reputation. They are like daggers to our breasts.   

Of course, we want our words to be wholesome and pleasing to the hearer. The Bible sets a guideline for our speech: Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. Colossians 4:6. Sara Leone, in her book “Her Husband’s Crown,” has three questions for us to ask ourselves to ensure that our words will be a blessing. Sara Leone, in her book “Her Husband’s Crown,” suggested three questions to ask ourselves to ensure that our words will be a blessing. 

1) Is it true? We need to ask ourselves: Am I telling the truth, or am I adding or subtracting from a second-hand information? If we can’t improve a conversation, it would be better to be silent. We don’t want to be the source of a gossip. 

2) Is it kind? Our tone of voice, manner of speaking, and choice of words can make a lot of difference in our speech. Gentle words are like a refreshing breeze to a weary soul. We should be more kind with our words when we are correcting people. Speaking the truth in kindness also requires proper timing. We must also assess the condition and the mood of the person. 

3) Is it necessary?  Often, we are guilty of saying words that do not add value to what we say but cause deep-seated wounds instead. Blaming people is pointless because people don’t want bad things to happen anyway. The offender will appreciate and love us for understanding and helping him correct a mistake. 

Yet, it is impossible not to offend with our speech. Thus we need to pray to God every day to make our words TRUE, KIND, AND NECESSARY. With God’s help, we will definitely be a channel of blessing for many in 2021. And that is what we want. Isn’t it? 

A Blessed 2021 for all of us! 

Thank you my friend for reading. Wishing you all a Blessed 2021! 

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