In The Marketplace of the Soul


IThe messenger woke up earlier than usual. He ate a big meal, dressed up, and tucked his Bible in his old, black bag. He was ready to relay the Word to God’s people and anticipated a fruitful day of worship.  

After an hour of travel, he entered the worship hall on time and greeted a few church members silently waiting for the Sunday school class to begin. When he began to teach, a lot of seats remain unoccupied.

This is a common observation in many Christian churches. It is sad that attending Sunday school or Bible class has become an option for many. Of course, there are legitimate excuses for being late, but if it becomes habitual, we don’t know what we are missing.

I can only describe this as “sayang”. In the marketplace of the soul we can buy and feast on all the spiritual food “without money and without price”. Being late in Sunday services limits the spiritual food we could have freely obtained from listening to the Word taught and preached, from singing hymns, from prayer and fellowship with God’s people.

But coming on time – together with a heart ready for worship – guarantees a basketful of spiritual goodies we can bring home, enough to sustain us in our spiritual journey. It also signifies our excitement to worship the Lord who gave His life that we might live the fullness of life we now enjoy.

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