How the Women showed their love to Jesus


“And also women were following, who were accompanying Him out of Galilee, who watched the tomb, and how His body was placed. And they returned and they prepared spices and ointment. And they rested on the Sabbath day according to the commandment.”   Luke 23:55-56 

Observe the love of the women to Jesus which (seemingly) surpasses that of the disciples’. When Christ was on His way to Calvary, His  disciples were nowhere to be found, probably watching  from afar, afraid to be associated with Jesus. But these women were following every event in the crucifixion. They  would not like to leave their eyes off Jesus. It was their  deep affection that  made them lingered. That is why they saw  the  tomb where Jesus was laid. They wanted to anoint His body as a way of honoring Him, but  since it was the day of the Preparation for the Sabbath,  they returned to their homes. But they prepared  and made ready the spices and ointments they would be using to anoint Jesus after the Sabbath.

Here we can see the readiness and diligent attendance of the women to what they wanted to do for Jesus after the Sabbath. They made sure that everything was ready, so that immediately after the Sabbath, they could  get hold of the spices and get to the grave of Jesus first thing in the morning.

Another thing worth noticing is the way they revered and honored the Sabbath.  To anoint the body of Jesus, was something very important. Doing it on the Sabbath could be justifiable. But  they did not use that as an excuse. What they did was to prepare  everything so that there will be no delay when they go to the tomb of Jesus the very next day.

As  women, who also love the Lord,  we must imbibe the same meticulous attendance  to the things we are doing for the Lord. Preparation  for the Lord’s day is the best practice. It will save a lot of time and can maximize an important day. For instance, if everything is ready on Saturday, we can enjoy  the whole of Sunday and not be frazzled by our last minute preparation to go to Church.

The women returned home to prepare for the Sabbath and the spices to be used to anoint the body of Jesus the next day. It was their way of honoring the Lord.  In the same manner, the way we prepare for Sunday  shows how we honor and love our Lord and Savior.

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