How My Day Begins: A Glimpse in the Life of Full-time Homemaker


My day begins in front of my computer and I let my thoughts come alive on white space. (I do this after making our bed – nice and smooth – and after washing my gut clean with two glasses of water. The first order of the day is to write an entry on my journal. I reflect on events that happened the day before, errands I did, people I met and other things in between. All of these remind me of God’s goodness to me every single day.  

By the way, I have to tell you that my three children have left our nest and now flying high in the world of their own. I am in my sunset years where i am enjoying my freedom to do what i love doing – supporting my husband, tending our home, and doing church-related work.

The most important part of my day is meditating on the Word followed by prayer. I spend 30 to 45 minutes (on the average) studying and reflecting on the word of God, and looking for ways to apply the lessons in my life.  I often consult commentaries for additional insights, and to check whether my understanding of the passage or verse does not miss the mark. With regards to prayer, I have a schedule of names, ministries (personal and church related), other churches, pastors, and other concerns to pray for each day. This does not restrict me to pray for other pressing matters.

The anecdote on the sermon of my Pastor prompted me to pray more. The anecdote tells of a man who was asked what will he do if given only 30 minutes to live. His answer: If I only have 30 minutes to live, I will fall on my knees and spend the last 30 minutes praying for the salvation of lost souls and for expansion of the kingdom of God (not the exact words). The lesson is, why wait till we are in the edge of our lives to fervently pray. I thank the Lord for encouraging me to give more attention to my prayer life. In His grace, am trying to increase the scope and length of my prayer. I have to keep reminding myself of the unfathomable blessing of having unbroken access to our God in heaven. He is always willing to listen to our prayers anytime of the day (or night). We can ask great things for His Kingdom and He has the power to give it to us if it is in the scope of His will.

What a way to start my day! What great blessing to be guided by the loving hand of our Almighty God!

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