A Heartwarming Sight


There was a slight drizzle when I got out of the car. I was heading towards the nearby ATM booth to replace my depleting budget. I opened my umbrella with pleasure, because it is a gift from my son and I remember him with fondness, as I admire the bands of color in my water-repellant umbrella. While walking towards the ATM booth, I noticed a man and a boy about nine to ten years of age who alighted from an old-model Toyota Corolla. The man later opened his wide umbrella for him and his son. They were several steps away from me and they were walking towards the bank as well.

The man gently put his right hand on the shoulder of the child like it was a natural thing to do. The boy in return put his little arms around the waist of the man like it was a natural thing to do, and they walked towards the bank in that warm embrace. By the way they looked, they seemed to be father and son. It was a heartwarming sight which I rarely see these days.

We almost got out of the ATM booth together. We opened our umbrellas to walk back to the parking lot. The man, after opening his big, black umbrella put his arms once again on the shoulder of his sonand the boy, like it was an ordinary habit, put his left arm around the waist of his father and they walked together like showing to the world that they love each other.

It was a good one hundred-meter walk. I was privileged to see an outworking of a lovely relationship. Most fathers are not demonstrative of their love for they tend to hide it in their father-figure stance. How blessed is that child to have a father like that. If sustained through the years, this child when he becomes a father himself will hopefully do the same to his son.

As I passed by them, the man closed his big umbrella, opened the car, and the boy quickly settled in the front sea. I went straight to my car which was parked a few meters away from theirs. But I felt happy to have seen a display of fatherly love. And from what I saw, the son easily responded to the affectionate gesture of the father. For Love begets love indeed.

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