Covid Brings Out Heroes


Haydee D. Lasco

We are horrified with the escalating death due to Covid-19. This unseen enemy gets the upper hand even as the country strive hard to contain the spread of this infection.  As of this writing, Covid cases in the Philippines has jumped to 803 and sadly, with 54 deaths. 

We lament that because of the magnitude of the problem, death has been reduced to statistics. But each of this death is a person with families and friends. They all deserved to be recognized, to be mourned at and be given the best burial we can give. And yet the prevailing circumstances only allow the reporting of those who died. Then they are mourned over at social media and probably cremated. This is a heartbreaking reality. 

Our health workers are the most vulnerable. Nine doctors have already died, claiming the lives of notable doctors, young and old alike. Our health workers are soldiers fighting the unseen enemy and armed only with face masks. Yet they went to the medical battlefield with their big hearts, ready to sacrifice – life for life – for the many victims of Covid pandemic. 

Every doctor and every nurse who are in hospitals treating Covid-19 victims know that they can get infected and there is that possibility that they may not even survive. What fortitude to risk their lives so that many others can be saved! They sacrifice their comfort and time with their families. Who can fathom the worries of the families of these health workers. And when their duties are over, many would avoid them because they might be carrying the deadly virus. 

These health workers are not of a different breed. They too are afraid (like most of us who are in the comfort of our homes). Yet because of their regard for their calling, they persist in doing their duties every day to face the enemy face to face. 

This is the real battle – the battle to save our lives. These health workers are the real heroes and they deserve our fullest admiration and respect.

I salute our doctors and health workers for risking their lives so that many will live. God’s goodness and love have shined in your hearts. You are in my daily prayers.  You have heeded the call of duty in a most inhospitable condition. I speak for those who have the same sentiment as mine. For us, you are heroes!

Take courage! God will see us through!

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