He Gently Leads


Dear  Ann,

I pity you the last time I saw you in South Supermarket. You seemed to struggle pushing the grocery cart with your right hand while holding Baby Ruth with your left. Little John was pulling your skirt asking you to buy him his favorite choco drink. I offered to bring your oversize shoulder bag, but you said you can manage and is getting used to it.  I inquired about how things are going with you and you said you just came from the doctor because baby Ruth is sick again while John is getting more active, requiring more attention. You informed me that Ronnie is on a two-week business trip, and I thought things are quite hard for you.

My memory traveled back on those times when I was exactly in your position. I went through the toughening process as well and it was difficult.  I can relate when one or all of your children got sick. And I am telling you, they will have their share of illnesses and discomfort from minor colds to major illness that requires hospitalization, not to mention fractures and bruises, and scraped knees.  You will become partakers of all these pains and you would wish you were the one who got sick.  Growing medical bill is difficult to take care of, but oftentimes it is our worries that give us the greatest headache.

But as Christians we are of great advantage. The Bible abounds with promises we can rely on. And this is one great promise to lean on:

Isaiah 40:11 He will tend His flock like a Shepherd, He will gather the lambs in His arms, He will carry them in His bosom, and gently lead those that are with young.

The Lord has special grace for  mothers who belong to His flock. While it is harder to walk life’s journey with several children in tow, yet it is the Lord who will lead us in a very gentle way. Problems and difficulties will surely come, but trusting that the Lord is beside us to carry us through brings  great comfort. Our all-powerful and merciful God is very near in times of trouble.

Yet this promise is only to those who are closely walking with Him. So don’t forget your daily time with God. Begin your day with the Lord . Seek His guidance in your daily duty as a wife and mother and He will lead you gently through the day.

I was wrong to take pity on you.  Everyday of motherhood is making you tough, but God’s grace is sufficient.

By the way, Aileen is sending some toys for  John. I will bring them to your house next week.

Grace and peace,

Tita Haydee







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