God Is In Control


Our world is in on a spiral decline.  We can see people embracing immorality from every side. The gay movement takes pride in their newly found acceptance. Abortion is taken to a higher level with the tolerance, and even support for Planned Parenthood. Divorce has become an easy way out of a problematic marriage (5 out of 10 marriages in the US will end in divorce). We are bombarded by deceptive philosophies, and false religiosity makes men complacent of the true state of their souls. Materialism is in the core of economy  and the breaking down of families is the attendant effect of the search for more. All of these can be described  in one word —  GODLESSNESS.

Yet in all these, SHOULD WE BE WORRIED? NOT AT ALL!  We should not lose sight of God’s sovereign control over this world – which He created in 6 days. He has never lost control even of the minutest details in His creation. God has a good purpose for all things.   As a caring Shepherd He will gently lead His people to safety.

But we need to pray more and entrust to God the control of unsettling things happening in this world,  like the horrifying deeds of the terrorist groups, the killings of innocent, even children in war torn places like Syria, the persecution of Christians all over the world – these can make anyone cringe in horror.

In the local scene, let us pray fervently for the governance of the Philippines, the horrifying extrajudicial killings which sadly has seared the conscience of many regarding the sanctify of life; the vexing poverty; the waste of time and money in horrendous traffic people are enduring everyday, the erosion of Filipino values such as respect to women and consideration of others.

Oh Lord our God, You sit on the throne and is in total control of all things. Show Your glory to men and let Your name be magnified in the midst of chaos and misery in this world.



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