Extremely Thankful


TBC Women’s Thursday Fellowship Meditation (August 13, 2020)

Psalm 86:12-13, “I give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever. For great is Your steadfast love toward me; you have delivered my soul from the depths of Sheol.”

Exceeding gratefulness and giving glory to God should be our response to God for the steadfast love He has shown to us. This love has delivered us from eternal suffering and unimaginable miseries in the eternal fire. This love caused His Son to willingly embrace the cross of suffering and shame for our redemption. 

I. How should we be thankful to God?

1. Be a happy recipient of the Greatest Gift. Many trials, temptations, people, sicknesses, even the weather can dampen our mood. But we should tell ourselves that we have already received the greatest gift. A deeper reflection of our blessed condition will not make our joy fade away. A joyful disposition shows that we are a happy recipient of God’s greatest gift. 

2. Be content to have received the Greatest Gift. If we have the greatest gift, nothing should dampen our spirit. If we have a feast on the table, it should not matter if there is a tiny dot of catsup on the table cloth. 

3. Work  for the Giver of the Greatest Gift. It is a huge privilege that God has permitted us to work in His vineyard. Let us be diligent, disciplined, and productive workers in His vineyard. Let us be busy in expanding His kingdom in this world. As we faithfully and happily do our respective roles in life, we become good workers in God’s vineyard. 

4. Take care of God’s Greatest Gift. We have to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. We must hone the gift of faith He gave us. One way to do this is to prayerfully grow in knowledge. Let us know more about the Lord and His work. 

5. Love God’s people. When we love God’s people, we are showing our love to the Lord. 

6. Be generous. Having received the gift, we ought to be generous to other people as well. Let us extend the grace of God to others to make it an endless string of grace.  

7. Share the Gospel in every possible opportunity. We are often restricted by fear, embarrassment, and intimidation. But it is good to remember that we are mere instruments. It is the Holy Spirit, who is at work. Some practical tips:

a. Be a friend – befriend your neighbor or anyone whom the Lord is leading to your door or gate. They did not go there by chance. The Lord has sent that person to receive grace from us. A smile, an offer of a glass of water or a tract, will show that we are citizens of another kingdom. 

b. Establish a closer bond with neighbor and relatives. Giving of something from time to time can boost relationships. Responding to a need will also show to our neighbor that we care for them. This facilitate the handing of tracts later on. 

II. How Should we glorify God?

There are countless ways on how we can glorify God. But God is glorified first of all in our obedience that springs from our love to Him. To be obedient does happen on its own. It is a product of a fervent prayers, daily attendance to our spiritual duties, joining God’s people in worship and fellowship, etc.

However, being thankful will also open up the door to other virtues that will help us glorify God. Doing them will make us glorify God. May the Lord help us to glorify Him. 


Lord, You have given us the Greatest of Gifts – our salvation in Christ. We cannot thank You enough and love You enough. But work in us so we can show to the world that we are the blessed bearers of Your Greatest Gift; that people will see Your glory and be drawn to you. In Jesus Name. Amen 

This grand display of yellow blooms only happens a few days in a year. But with a click of my phone camera, I can now look at it anytime.

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