Everyday Heroes


We remember heroes for their courageous deeds. Yet, they were merely doing what is right at the right place and time. Every sensible and godly person will do the same thing given a similar situation.

That is why I believe that there are everyday heroes we hardly notice. Take, for instance, a mother doing all things for her family, a father working all day diligently to provide food on the table, a student who, despite the difficulty of online classes, is striving hard to learn.

On a busy road, this traffic enforcer was already sweating as he waved vigorously to put order to the flow of traffic; The tricycle driver who searched for the owner of the wallet left by an elderly woman; Our front-liners who continue to show their unrelenting bravery amid a battle that don’t seem to end. These are heroes too.

Heroism is to give our very best in the task ahead of us. All of us can be heroes by doing our best in the calling that we have. Last Sunday, a sermon reminded us that Christ had called us to a life of service characterized by love and humility. God requires us to be faithful in our everyday duties.

Christ is our ultimate Hero. Though He is God, He subjected Himself to a life of suffering all the way to the cross because His heart was bent on doing the will of the Father. As the only appointed Savior of sinners, He did his work excellently and faithfully. John 4:34 says, “Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work.”

Christ did not only save our bodies from a burning building. He saved our souls from the eternal fury of a burning hell.

Him we should honor and praise every day.

Thank you, may friend, for reading. We can be heroes too.

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