Every Day Faithfulness


Who am I that the Lord should notice? I am destined to eternal perdition. I should be living in anguish and sorrow every day because of my sins. But the Lord showered me with all good things. He stooped low to get me out of the horrible pit of wickedness and my abhorring vileness. He ransomed me with the blood of His own beloved Son. Who am I that He should notice? I am vile and of worth nothing to Him. Yet He took notice of me. 

And what can I give unto the Lord for He has everything? But He delights in my little attempts to serve Him as a mother delights in the baby steps of her toddler. 

What will God benefit from me? Nothing at all. But every day, He infuses me with grace to go on with my Christian life. He has created me with the purpose that this humble life can give glory back to Him.  He is pleased when He allows me to glorify His name in the simple everyday tasks I do for Him by His grace. And nothing is difficult because the Holy Spirit guides me each day. 

My sphere is the home, and He graciously handed me its management. All in my house is from the Lord. The people in it, I lovingly serve because He taught me how. Outside our home is a giant canvass of nature. The blue sky contrasts with the green grass, the birds singing and dancing from tree to tree. Flowers are abloom, and cats and dogs play happily. O Lord my Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth!

What can I give back to Him for all His goodness to me? God delights in our every day Faithfulness. Faithfulness in our duties to Him and commitment to the role He has given us to play. 


Help us Lord to be faithful to You, who give and continually give what we don’t deserve. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

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