Enjoy God’s Gifts


As we face each day, God’s bountiful blessings are waiting for us to enjoy. The food on the table, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the relationships we enjoy are all God’s daily gifts. Outside, we see the beauty of God’s creation: verdant fields and mountains, lovely flowers, birds singing atop the trees, and the serene blue sky with puffy clouds. Everything that we see, hear and feel are gifts from above because, as sinners from birth, we only deserve God’s just punishments.

All people are recipients of God’s gifts. Yet, for many people, they think that what they possess are the fruits of their labors. They don’t realize that their strength, talents, opportunities to work, and, most of all, their lives, are all from God.

Christians are doubly blessed. We experience God’s goodness daily. And what awaits us is our great inheritance in heaven when we leave this earth. Thus, we should always be thankful and joyful even in times of adversities, for we believe that even bad things are intended for our good by our loving Father. We have a special place in the heart of God. Discomfort, pain, or relational problem must not ruin our joy in the Lord. We must wage war against depression, disappointment, and discontentment because these are marks of ungrateful spirit.

Let us savor God’s everyday goodness. Enjoy the food that we eat, our family, our friends, and the blessing of waking up to a brand-new day. And may our speech be filled with thanksgiving to our loving God.

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