Don’t Miss the Boat


Heb 4:1 Therefore, while the promise of entering his rest still stands, let us fear lest any of you should seem to have failed to reach it.

The offer of the Lord for salvation firmly stands. But it will not always be offered. There is a time that His call for rest and peace will cease, and the door of eternal destruction will be opened. Everyone who did not heed His call to come to Jesus will go directly to that door of eternal perdition.

And yet people would not heed His call, even if the message is proclaimed loud and clear. It is like a barker calling passengers for the last boat to sail, but only few heed the call. Many are meandering to and fro, getting busy with the mundane, not conscious that they will be left behind. There is no fear in their hearts of missing the last trip to heaven. Complacency and love for self and the world fill their hearts and minds . They are focused only on what this world can offer. They busy themselves with their jobs, promotion and pursuit of honor. They tire themselves in accommodating wealth and properties. Many are preoccupied with the concerns of their families and a lot more find their joy in the company of friends. Others seek for pleasure in the outdoors and sports. But without God in their hearts, all of these are good only for the body but not for the soul. When the body dies, everything dies with it. And where will you be?

Oh how we should fear lest we miss that rest. But for those who have found that rest in Christ, let us labor still to ensure that we are not missing the boat. Let us be faithful in our duties. Let us fill our bags not with earthly gains but with heavenly treasures , that we be worthy passengers of that boat sailing towards the heavenly shore.

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