Creating Our Own Sunshine Amid Covid


The morning has just begun. Mom is beginning to notice that a bird is singing every 5:30 in the morning while she is praying. She looked at the window and noticed the sky in its awesome glow as if it was greeting her a pleasant morning. The flowers in the front yard are all in bloom because now she has more time to water the plants. It’s been two weeks – this quarantine period – and it is still uncertain how long it will last.  

She left her husband in his very rare extended sleep and went straight to the kitchen. “What will I cook for breakfast?” she muttered. With much time in her hand, she knew that she can finally cook little Betsy’s favorite – Pancakes! 

At the breakfast table, Betsy munched her pancake with much delight. There was a cheery conversation at the table as Mom and Dad were not hurried to go to work. Betsy was excited because she knew that it’s playtime after breakfast.

By mid-morning, after giving Betsy a bath, Mom and daughter proceeded to the study table where Mom drilled Betsy in Math using her daughter’s nursery workbook. 

While Betsy did her coloring, Mom prepared to cook for lunch. With enough time, she was not hurried and appreciated the cutting of onions and garlic, and the smell of the herbs and spices that she put on the dish she was preparing. From time to time she looked at the window and noticed how awesome the sky was with the puffy clouds floating gaily with the wind. 

Lunch was enjoyed together.  Dad was commenting that Mom has been improving in her cooking since the quarantine started. The family enjoyed cleaning up together. Instead of watching TV as Betsy used to do when Ate Inday was around, Mom read to her and then they went to have a nap together. 

When Betsy woke up a bowl of Champorado was waiting for her. For the first time, Mom finally has time to cook comforting foods like Arroz Caldo, Macaroni Soup, Spaghetti, and other Betsy’s favorite food. Soon Mom and Betsy were eating the Champorado together. Betsy has never been this happy because she now realized that Mom is a much better cook than Ate Inday, who is not coming lately. After all, they too are in quarantine. 

At dinner time, Mom has time to teach little Betsy how to set the table. They also cleaned the dining area and kitchen together. Family Devotion was their last activity, led by Dad. Betsy sat on Dad’s lap as he explained to her how loving Jesus is and is willing to help us in times of trouble. But only need to pray and trust and wait.

At bedtime, Mom read to her “I Love You To The Moon and Back” twice.  She then reminded Betsy to say her prayer and kissed her goodnight. Betsy was about to close her eyes, but then she called out to Mom,

“ Mom! Is it quarantine again tomorrow?”, to which Mom replied, “Yes My dear, we will be together again tomorrow.” 


I am sure this little story is far from ideal. Many are struggling to keep up with the“lockdown”. But we can make beautiful memories for our children. This is an extraordinary time that we can be together. We can bond, teach, and most of all start to pray and study the Bible together as a family. This is also a time to reflect and appreciate the many wonderful things that we fail to notice because of our hurried life.

Strive to be calm and patient so we can shield our children from anxieties and stresses that this pandemic can cause them. Let us seek the Lord – through Christ Jesus – who alone can grant us the grace to be calm and trusting in this time of trouble. 

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