When Flowers Grow on Rocks and Crevices


Flowers are fascinating! They refresh and delight the eyes. Even wildflowers are beautiful to behold. We see them in open fields, on the sidewalk… along roadsides. But some flowers grow on rocks and cliffs, on crevices or rotten tree trunks.  In these unpleasant places, the beauty of flowers is magnified. 

Virtues are like flowers. They make people beautiful in the sight of God and men. Often, these are easily exercised in favorable conditions. For instance, it is not hard to be generous to an equally generous person. It is easy to love when you are loved in return. It is easy to be patient when we have all the support systems we need. 

But when things go rough, and we remain calm and composed, that is when the virtue of patience shine brighter. It is when we keep on giving without getting anything back that generosity becomes genuine. It is when we are sorely tried, but we keep on trusting God, that our faith grows and sparkles.  

The world is reeling from this Covid invasion. How can a microscopic virus be so powerful? Enumerable lives have been sacrificed. Many died on the battlefield and a lot more are endured. The collateral damage is horrible if we can only quantify it. And who can measure the anxiety and worry of those whose relatives are directly fighting in the war zone?

Yet when we remain calm, hopeful, patient and courageous we become those flowers growing in rocks and crevices. Our character shines and those around us who are on the brink of giving-up are encouraged and inspired. Let us ask the Lord to grant us these virtues, for it is with this attitude that we will win the war over Covid.

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