A Letter From Baby





My dearest Mom,

If I can only say what I feel, these are the things I would like to tell you. First of all, I am so grateful for bringing me to the world and preparing me to face it by myself. For now, you are so preoccupied with me, attending to my slightest need. Your sleep has never been the same, but you don’t care a bit about it.

I can feel your joy as you put me to sleep. You heart throbs with love as I suck that life-giving milk from you. How blessed am I that have the best nourishment ever. When I look at you as you breastfeed me, you must know that I am thanking you.

I can hear the beating of your heart, whenever you put me to sleep. Oftentimes you hum or sing songs to me. How precious are those moments. These cuddling times will never come again as I get bigger and bigger, but they are stored in my memories. We will be eternally connected Mom.

When I get sick, I can feel that you are immensely agitated. But I don’t want to see you worrying too much. It gets me worried too. When the house gets messy and laundry files up, you become easily irritated. Don’t make me feel guilty for I know that the big part of your work is taking care of me. I don’t want to see that joy vanish from your face. I want us to enjoy our time together. Time will come when i will be in school. The house will be clean, but i know you will miss those times i was around.

You have sacrificed your promising career so that you can be with me day and night. You said to me that that you did that in obedience to God. How great and loving is the God you worship because you are willing to sacrifice so much for Him. What did He do to you that you love Him so much? Tell me more about God everyday Mom. I also want to know Him. I want to thank Him personally for giving me a loving mother like you.

When you grow old, I want to take care of you too …the way you took care of me.

I love you Mom,



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