A Dying Worm


The sun has just risen from the horizon and its rays spread gloriously among trees and grasses. It was a perfect time for my morning walk. I always enjoy my rounds at the village park because while walking, I can pray, listen to sermons, and sometimes stop for a short conversation with elderly folks. I admire the beauty of nature in its morning glory.  We are fortunate to have a good view of the distant mountains as they reach out to the clouds above. These clouds gliding in the powder blue sky are most soothing to the eyes; and the birds that are chirping and dancing from tree to tree are morning treats.  that money can’t buy.

My morning walk gives me more time to stop and admire the flowers and plants I see along the way. I also observe how a house is built, rising literally from the ground and after several months of construction a new neighbor is born. That is why walking is so much fun. Aside from -its health benefits, walking refreshes the soul, enabling it to see and experience the vibrancy and beauty of God’s creation.

But it was also during one of my morning walks that God reminded me of his gracious love for undeserving sinners like me. It did not come from the colorful flowers and the singing birds along my path, but from a worm pitifully wiggling in the powdery dust along the way. Although the grasses were still refreshed with the morning dew,the ground where the worm lay dying was already absorbing the heat from the sun. I was certain the wiggly worm will die soon and somehow I felt sad.

After walking several steps, I turned back, looked for a stick and gently lifted the worm from its death. I then lowered the object of my pity on the grass still wet with dew. I don’t know if the worm survived. I did not bother to check. Yet I had a most valuable insight in my encounter with that worm.

For that worm was I. Like that worm, I was covered with the dust of sin. As I wriggled, the more I was covered with the dust of sin, until my Savior took pity on me and washed my sins away not with a refreshing dew, but with His very own blood.

I may have looked like a fool to some passersby… for why on earth would a person stop to take notice of a worthless worm. But unless their eyes are opened, they will never understand that what I did  is a wise analogy of Christ’s condescending love to dying worms such as I.









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