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Dear Marie, 

You were in our prayer group last Sunday and you mentioned that every night you feel so tired yet you didn’t seem to have accomplished something worthwhile.  I would like to comment on that but time did not permit me to.  Indeed, that’s a common sentiment of most  stay-home moms.  Day in and day out, things seem to be the same. You wake up and cook breakfast, prepare the children to school, wash dishes, clean the house, wash the never-ending pile of laundry, take care of the baby, etc, etc. Tomorrow you repeat the same cycle of household works. Those are important tasks but we seem to think that they are ordinary.

Yet little Junior is happy and contented just to see you around. When he misbehaves you can readily correct him. When he is not feeling good, you can immediately provide relief.  Your daughter feels secure that she will go home from school with her mom greeting her by the door and her  favorite merienda  ready on the table. And your husband is able to concentrate on his job because he is confident of your home management skills. He is eager to come home, imagining  a delicious dinner.

Everyday entails the giving of  yourself to your family. Everyday you play the role of a hero.  You may not even hear your children say “thank you mom” at the end of the day. But always remember that God is smiling at you. “Well done for the day! Tomorrow is another day, but His grace is always sufficient.”


Tita Haydee


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