Modesty in Dressing


Modesty in dressing is becoming a rarity these days. I and my husband attended a recognition ceremony and I was aghast on how ladies were dressed during the event. Only a few were donned on what I would say as modest. Most clothes were body-hugging, and bared more skin than what is proper. Welcome to the 21st century dressing!

In the school campuses, in the streets, in the malls, there is an impression that women dress primarily to flaunt their sexuality. The feminists may contend that they can dress in whatever manner they want and no one has the right to question them. But they fail to realize that these sensual manner of dressing lead to acts of immorality (in…

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Ten Spices for Marriage (For the Husband)


As a wife, I am not in a position to give tips to the husband. But the following describe how my husband of 33 years deals with me. It is the grace of God in Him, and I praise the Lord for a happy and fulfilling relationship we share.

  1. Treat your wife like a queen! Consider her as your most precious treasure. Remember she is a gift from the Lord designed perfectly for you.
  2. Love your wife with all your heart and might. Do not think that you be loved first. In the end all will return to you because she will respond with the same kind of love you are giving to her. (I feel specially loved…
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